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Kinesix VR offers personalized, intensive, and functional exercises that:

  • Recover gross, fine, & complex motor skills

  • Improve motor control & balance

  • Unlock the movements of the upper limbs

  • Accelerate neural connections & neuroplasticity

Our intuitive design makes it easy to use, navigate, and set up new patients in your system.

  1. Turn on Oculus Quest 2

  2. Register the name of the center

  3. Enter and save user's data

  4. Select training modality

  5. Start tracking metrics

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Reduce overload, optimize professional-patient ratio, deliver a higher intensity treatment, control the pace, provide personalized remote rehab services, and measure progress through:


Avatar Representation

Avatar with hands and fingers with full functionality that allows interaction with different functional exercises.


Personalized task-oriented training

Levels of grip are incorporated in our platform for a better fit to the different motor abilities of each patient.


Evidence-based approach

Custom-built VR systems may provide a strong sense of presence, they increase the effect of motor training.


Safe simulation environment

Safe motor training in the metaverse with meaningful objects to stimulate the mirror neurons.

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What our happy clients say about us


“The platform is very useful for therapeutic exercises such as pushing, reaching, among others specific hand movements. In addition, Kinesix VR offers a high capacity of attention and focus, achieving many repetitions of each of the activities performed by the patient.”

Andrea Riendas Moratilla.webp

Andrea Riendas

Occupational Therapist

“Compared to conventional rehabilitation immersive virtual reality rehabilitation enhances all the blocked movements . And on a neurological level, it's great for us because software facilitates and promotes patients' neural connections.”


Victor Santa Ana

Irenet's Director

“My impression of using immersive virtual reality as a rehabilitation method was very good. What I felt was like I could do things that in real life I could not do . My brain was commanding things to my arm that under normal conditions I can't do.”


Antonio M.


“Kinesix VR software provides postural control and scapular stability components while activating areas corresponding to the voluntary movement pattern in the cortex. With this technology, we optimize patients' functional recovery and reaching practice.”

Testimonial_Andres Lloves_4.webp

Andrés Lloves

Neuro y Forma's Director

“I'm very pleased with the Kinesix rehabilitation system. It works on several stages of rehabilitation , as in critically patients. Also, the technology can be used in different environments, which helps patients to leave early the hospital context.”


Carolina Rivera

Medicine and Rehab Physician

“Kinesix VR has surprised me from the very first moment, mainly because of its interface. Patients can do postural control gestures and many rehabilitation exercises. Its customization and metrics records provide better rehabilitation for each patient.”


Serafín Ortigueira

Cefine Neurología's Director

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