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Intensive 3D training with natural movements

Through our immersive 3D simulation real-life-based and hand tracking system, you can control the pace, enhance the patient’s sense of presence, and measure progress.

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Finger tracking

Hand tracking

Real-time feedback

Avatar representation


Our innovative therapeutic system is...

A groundbreaking new solution for healthcare staff. Our unique platform is a win-win-win for therapists, users, and clinics. 

  • We facilitate the intervention of complex patients

  • Save time setting up exercises

  • Decrease the need of equipment, props, and other materials

  • Maintain continuity and quality of care from anywhere

Kinesix VR platform configuration step by step

In just a few simple steps, you will be ready to start using your new Kinesix VR platform.

Our intuitive design makes it easy to use, navigate, and set up new patients in your system. 


Turn on Oculus Quest 2


Register the name of the center


Enter and save patient data


Select training modality and start to track metrics

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Physiotherapy equipment and platform

Kinesix provides a platform that allows the patient to rehabilitate independently while the therapist receives data and metrics. With our system, you can easily organize the exercise structure of the patient, automate data collection, and provide reports on progress of each patient.



Kinesix VR is widely used since 2020 for better neurorehabilitation and we are in constant expansion of more innovative health services

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Understanding the value of XR and how this knowledge could be effective

Create a plan to execute the solution and apply some thoughts to all aspects of the implementation

Create the software behind the solution and its testing

Users feedback and data collection to understand how the solution is performing

Data analysis phase

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