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Innovative solution that improves the neurorehabilitation quality

Clinical studies suggest that immersive virtual reality produces a high adherence, empowers the patient and accelerates the recovery of lost of damaged motor skills


Recent Publications


Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, August 2020
Enhanced Attention Using Head-mounted Virtual Reality
A study that suggests the experience of using virtual reality may engage great attention compared to the experience of 2D scenarios...


Brian Injury Journal, February 2020
Virtual reality therapy for upper limb rehabilitation in patients with stroke: a meta- analysis of randomized clinical trials
Studies that suggest that Virtual Reality-based therapy systems improves motor functions in people who suffered a stroke...


Journal Information | American Society of Neurorehabilitation, January 2019
Effect of Specific Over Nonspecific VR-Based Rehabilitation on Poststroke Motor Recovery: A Systematic Meta-analysis
Virtual Reality systems specifically constructed for rehabilitation might capitalize improvements on the advantages of…


Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, November 2017
Virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation
This is an update about VR and interactive video gaming, that approaches in stroke neurorehabilitation with…


International Journal of Psychophysiology, November 2014
Modulation of cortical activity in 2D versus 3D virtual reality environments: An EEG study
There is evidence that virtual reality (VR) is valuable for medical rehabilitation due to its capacity to represent real-life…


28th IEEE EMBS Annual International Conference, September 2006
Analysis of Neural Mechanisms Underlying Rehabilitation in Virtual Reality: Activating Secondary Motor Areas
Through virtual reality-based exercise of the hand, there is an increased neural activation and effectiveness on motor output…

Recent Kinesix VR Scientific Research

Patient-centered results research
This Patient Centered Outcomes Research describes the data reported by 40 patients following the use of KINESIX VR in different neurorehabilitation centers in Spain, Chile, and Mexico between June 2021 and March 2023.

KINESIX VR & Clinica Alemana
Functional immersive virtual rehabilitation for the recovery of upper extremity function in patients with early-stage stroke: a feasibility study
The present study aims at investigating the feasibility in early-stage stroke of using conventional rehabilitation (CR) combined with a specific immersive virtual reality…

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